Photo Service
I have decided to offer Stablemate and similar sized model photos due to the new Breyer releases of the Regular Run SM’s and the JAH Special Run.  No doubt many new mold SR’s will be included in the JCP set in years to come as well.  It’s time these little guys got the recognition many deserve.  Photographing these small horses requires a magnification lens (which my mom just happens to have ?) and not many people have one.  I can also take pics of larger models but I will be focusing on building up props and tack for the small models (have some Traditional tack/props/handlers etc).  Models must be mailed with enough postage for their return along with the pictures.
 Please send your own model for photos.  Any extra postage/fees will be refunded.  I am working on building a large selection of tack, props and handlers but it will take a while because tack orders (Totally Custom Tack Shop) and College classes MUST take priority.  I will welcome anyone sending their own props, tack etc but I realize the lack of a large selection in this scale.  There will be two service options.

First Service Option

 Send me a roll of the kind of film you want used, (200 speed is usually best) in the exposure you want.  I will take the pictures and send it back to you for developing.  If any of the photos are unsatisfactory, send me the prints and negatives (and model) and I will retake the photos or issue an appropriate refund.  Any negatives sent back to me then become my property.  There must be a legitimate reason for returns that was my fault such as sloppy tack fitting, wrong exposure etc.  For this service, you buy your favorite film, pay for development at your favorite place in the finish and size you wish.  Please give proper photo credit on each photo developed.  I will at time have labels that can be stuck to the back of the photo but simply writing “Photo by Dora Reeves” on the back somewhere will suffice.  Be advised: Some photo developing services cut up to ¼ of an inch of the picture from what is on the negative.  I try to take the photos so this will not be a problem but I can’t always know which way the developers will crop a photo.

Fees for this service:  12 exposure: $10.00 24 exp.:   $20.00 36 exp.:  $30.00
 Fees for use of tack, props and handlers apply to all performance photos taken.  All prices include use of fence, footing, and background (pics will be taken outside, special background on request).

 Second Service Option

For this service, I will take pictures of your models with film of my choice and I will develop it and examine the pictures before mailing them.  Thus it is a little more expensive because it requires more time, handling, and travel on my part.
The first print of each photo must be purchased and from there reprints or the negatives can be purchased.  I do ask photo credit if you buy the negatives and get reprints at your will.  If you do not buy negatives, I will NOT sell additional prints to anyone but you.  I reserve the right to make prints of any photos taken for promotional and advertisement purposes.  No pictures will ever be exactly the same. I will offer an Internet approval system for those of you with email.  I can scan the photos (won’t do all of them, but possibly 3 or 4) and you can approve them before shipping.  This may also be possible with printed copies that can be snail-mailed.  There will be a $.50 fee for this approval service.  Snail-mail approval must include an LSASE with enough postage for PRINTOUTS of the pictures.  I will not mail actual prints until they have been paid for.  If photos are unsatisfactory, I will retake or refund.  Please be specific about what you don’t like about it.  Angles are not a valid reason to refuse a photo.  I will do my best to pick the best angle for a model.  If you feel one is better than another, specify with your order and I’ll take it that way.  Photos can be returned within 10 days of receipt (I’ll assume mail will take 3-5 days in most cases).  Negatives CAN NOT be returned for refund so, my advice, buy them after you have seen all of the pictures.  I prefer not to cut negatives so I will charge an extra handling fee of $0.25 per negative if you just want two or three off of a roll (most stores don’t like little chunks of negative coming in for reprints either).  If you choose not to buy a print, it becomes my property and I may offer it for sale as a print or use it myself.
I use various types of film but have found Kodak Gold, Fuji and York to be of sufficient quality.  Specialized developing services such as York photo labs will be used for developing and reprints.  Through trial and error, I have noticed that glossy finishes tend to show colors better.  Matte is very suitable but is a little duller.  You may choose the finish you want if you purchase a whole roll worth of pictures or on reprints.  All photos will be developed in glossy initially unless otherwise specified.  I will normally use 24-exposure film because it is easier to fill a roll but larger rolls may be used for large orders.  In general, I will develop pictures in a 4x6 size.  This size seems to be a nice medium between 3x5 and 5x7.  Again, if you order a whole roll worth, you may designate which size you prefer.  I do have a VERY limited supply of 12 shot rolls.  Many times, flaws will not show up until film has been developed.  I will examine all photos before shipping, and if there is a flaw that was my fault and can be fixed, I will retake the photo.  You will be notified and all satisfactory photos returned at that point.  The retake model and photo will be mailed at my expense.
Options and Pricing will be explained in detail later but here it is in abbreviated form.
 Halter Photos: $1.50 each     Performance Photos: $2.00 each
 Custom Wall/Background: $10.00    Purchasing negatives: $2.00 per neg.
 Approval Service: $0.50     Reprints of  photos: $.50 each
 Handler Fees: $1.00 per person used per sitting* Headgear Only: $0.25 per horse*
 Prop Fees: $1.00 per set-up used per sitting*  Cutting Neg.: $0.25 per neg.
 Tack fees:  $1.00 per set used per horse, per sitting*

*for this purpose, a sitting will be each time you send a horse to be photographed.  4 horses sent to have pics taken are one sitting.  Same 4 horses sent again at a later date for more photos are another sitting.
 General Guidelines, etc that apply to both services
Photos will ONLY be taken during these dates, due to college classes and time constraints.
 Dec 15th to Jan 1st  (Christmas Break)
 Spring Break (whenever it falls)
 June 15th to Sept 1st  (Summer Break)
These dates may be subject to minor adjustment depending on how the weeks fall and how much I have to work during the breaks.  I will probably be working the wheat harvest for the next four or five years which takes up all daylight hours from mid-July to mid-August.

For each model you want pics of, please fill out the following info plus any special directions you want.  Also, you can fill this out early to give me an idea of what you want and then I can focus on that and will notify you when it is ready so you can send models etc.

Halter Photos: Handler or headgear may be added for fee (see Handler and tack fees below).
Circle the options you want.
 Fence Options: White Round Post and Rail
    Brown Round Post and Rail
    Natural Round Post and Rail
    Rock Wall
    Solid Plank Fence
    Square “chain link” fencing

 Footing:  Sawdust
    Fine Black Gravel (gives the illusion of motion on action models.)
    Natural (may not always be available, usually in the spring is best)

Backgrounds: Backgrounds of either photos, paintings or computer designed, can be taken indoors or out.  Design your own for me to make or send me one.  I can design the computer ones but you will need to be very specific.  $6.00 fee for ones I print.
Wall (white, flowers, sawdust, example words: Paint Horse World      Show)

Possibly in Future: To scale Trees (I will use a set up I feel is attractive unless specified)
    Pine Trees
    Leafy Trees
I would like to be notified when trees are available.
    Not interested in trees, take my photos now.

Performance: Circle the option you would like.  At this point, no tack or props are available but hopefully in the near future.
 Western Pleasure  Calf Roping   Barrel Racing
 English Pleasure  Team Roping   Pole Bending
 Hunter    Jumper    Dressage
 Eng. Arena Trail  West. Arena Trail  Eng. Natural Trail
 West. Natural Trail  Gymkhana/Fun events Working Cow Horse
 Racing Horse    Harness Racing  Other (please explain)
 Showmanship    Bareback   Reining
 Lungeline    Gaited Dressage  Gaited Trail
 Draft Pull   Boot Race   Color Bearer/Rodeo Queen
 Light Harness
Hold my models until props/tack are ready
Take only halter photos now
Notify me when props/tack are ready (include SASE, Stamped Post Card or email address).  I will then send payment and models at that time if still interested.

Fees for Perf:
 Tack “Rental”: $1.00 per set per horse per sitting.  $3.00 max per horse  Includes all accessories (bell boots, bridle, saddle, blanket etc.)  Unlimited use of tack for that sitting.  For example, the new TB could do a Hunter photo, and Jumper photo using English tack for $1.00.  For another $1.00 he could do Western performance events such as barrel racing, calf roping, pole bending etc. Tack fees pay for tacking up time, wear on items, initial cost of items, sticky wax lost each time, etc.  Sets to be available:  Huntseat, Saddleseat, Dressage, Western Show, Western Working,  Harness, Racing, Various Costumes
 Headgear Only: $0.25  this will include halters and bridles used for showmanship etc.

 Prop Fee:  $1.00 per set-up.  Unlimited usage.  For example, a trail set up, the Quarter horse, Paso Fino, Morgan Stallion, QH mare, Arab mare could all do trail.  Individual tack fees would apply.  Props include Trail items, Dressage fence and markers, calves/cattle, flags, jumps, barrels, poles, buggies.

 Handlers:  $1.00 per handler.  A handler can be shown with any number of horses for $1.00.  These may take the longest to get as I will be sculpting them myself.  They won’t be guaranteed to fit all models due to the variance in size of the Stablemates.  They will be out of Epoxy or Super Sculpy (may cast in resin if there is an interest or to get multiple handlers wearing different color clothes).  Their clothes will be sculpted on and then painted.  They will be made in scale with the models they will most likely be used for.  Handlers I will be trying to get will be: Huntseat pleasure rider, Saddleseat rider, Jumper, hunter, jockey, Harness driver, Western Show rider, Western Games rider, Working Western Rider, handlers for many breeds and possibly Arabs, Indians and a Knight.

Any Special Directions or thoughts on photos:

Write me a letter if you would like to specify more.

  Sample Photos: